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Pizza Menu

8-inch personal pies

The Oxtail $19
braised oxtail mozzarella parmigiano

The Jerk Chicken $14
jerk chicken, mozzarella ,corn,  san marzano tomato sauce

The Queen  $10
san marzano tomato sauce,mozzarella

The Fisherman's Wife $14
san marzano tomato sauce, roasted bronzino, garlic puree

The Bianchi $15
mozzarella, ricotta, vermonth white cheddar , gorgonzola dolce, roasted mushroom, spicy honey

Pepperoni $14
san  marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni 

The Pizza with no Name (vegan)  $12
san marzano sauce, roasted mushroom, spinach pesto, arugula

Small Plates

Arugula  Salad $10

cherry tomatoes, parmigiano

Jerk Wings $15


mexican restaurant
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