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Brunch + Dinner for the Brooklyn half Marathon 

We love runners! In fact, our chef, Paul Burrowes is an avid runner who has run the Brooklyn half and the 2023 New York Marathon. We would love to have you and your fans after the race! By the way, when we say the Brooklyn Marathon, we mean both of them. In case you did not know. There is the Brooklyn Half marathon by NYCRUNS on April 28th.  Then, there is the 2024 RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon by New York Road Runners on Saturday May 18th. 

Make a reservation and refuel with MangoSeed.

Chef running the Brooklyn half  in 2023
a plate of jerk chicken and waffles

MangoSeed featured in The New York Post

New York Post Logo
A new york post newspaper headline about Mangoseed. Below it, a picture of the store front of Burrowes Brothers Bikes,

April 9, 2024

Written by Hannah Frishberg

Past rows of steel- and carbon-frame bikes, behind a floor-to-ceiling curtain, to the left of the mechanic’s room, this Prospect Lefferts Gardens institution is freshly reopened.

The second incarnation of Jermaine, Paul and Johann Burrowes’ restaurant, MangoSeed, started serving up Caribbean fare this February following intense community pressure, the brothers say.

The brothers and professional cyclers originally opened MangoSeed in 2008, at a time when the neighborhood featured almost exclusively takeout joints, making the liquor license-equipped sit-down eatery quite the anomaly. The restaurant quickly became a local institution, beloved both for being a community gathering place and for chef Paul Burrowes’ menu of culinary creations, including oxtail pizza and jerk fish tacos.

Weathering the ......


March 7, 2024

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday enjoy live DJ sets from NYC's best DJ's spinning Soca, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rn'B. Reservations are highly recommended.

flyer about live DJ weekends
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